What is CLM service?

A solution for optimizing your workplace in the U.S.

The CLM (Commercial Lease Management) service is a service that optimizes management of your U.S. offices by checking key lease parameters (size, rent, etc.), centralizes management of all lease contracts, reviews applications from all of your U.S. offices and validates all landlord claims. We professionally manage all aspects of your company’s lease portfolio so that you can easily discover unneeded lease expenses and get help with planning well ahead of contract expiry. You can consult us anytime with issues/questions regarding your real estate needs. With the rise of hybrid workplaces in recent years, we are seeing an increase in the number of companies needing help with workplace restructuring.

  • 7Key

  • 01Long-term office planning and execution
  • 02Proper management of each office in the U.S.
  • 03Cost control and optimization
  • 04Easy access to the contract details of each U.S.location
  • 05Management of rights that tenants are entitled to
  • 06Objective information source for Japan HQ
  • 07Prevention of information loss due to poor handoff

CLM Service Overview


Office Optimization Support

Ability to adapt to changes in your business plans


We take into consideration your business plans and the latest office trends, and give advice on factors such as rent and space reduction/expansion.

Preparation for lease expiry

Get a review of ‘Current and Forecasted Lease Trends’ every quarter


Centralized Lease Contract Management for all U.S. Offices

Comprehensive management of the leases of each location

Reminder system

  • Renewals
  • Exercising available rights as tenants such as the “burndown” clause, the rent abatement, the early termination clause, and the improvement and alteration clause.

Assessing, reviewing and standardizing leases (size, rental quality, etc.) across offices


Verification of Appropriateness of Contracts

Redac verifies the adequacy of contracts on behalf of your company*

Application contents from your U.S. offices (rent, size, etc.)

  • Assess and review the contract details using our expertise and local market data

Electricity, gas, real estate tax, and common area maintenance fee

  • Assess the fairness of lease specific costs based on data from the centralized contract management system

*Verification is not done every month, but at your request.

Case Studies

    • Commercial Real Estate Consulting

    CLM (Commercial Lease Management) Service

    Client was trying to do lease management on their own while handling their core business. Redac’s CLM experts stepped in and fulfilled their lease management needs, which were often deprioritized and delayed since managing leases was not within their expertise. Redac also provided assistance in their application to reduce their security deposit. They are now renewing their CLM service every year.