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    • Commercial Brokerage

    Space Reduction and Relocation Within the Same Building

    Client’s current lease was to expire in a year and a half. They wanted to renew but they wished to reduce their space and rent. Redac helped the client renew for two additional years on a different floor, in the same building for the new lease term of three and a half years. This helped the client reduce their total space by 25%, and reduce their rent by 60%, all without any lease penalties.

    • Commercial Real Estate Consulting

    CLM (Commercial Lease Management) Service

    Client was trying to do lease management on their own while handling their core business. Redac’s CLM experts stepped in and fulfilled their lease management needs, which were often deprioritized and delayed since managing leases was not within their expertise. Redac also provided assistance in their application to reduce their security deposit. They are now renewing their CLM service every year.

    • Commercial Brokerage

    International Expansion Support to a Remote U.S. City

    Supported the establishment of an R&D office from scratch at a remote area in the U.S. with poor local Japanese language support. Redac managed local real estate agents as subcontractors, and remotely ensured consistent services from property selection, negotiation to construction work. In regards to design and construction, Redac cooperated with local Japanese companies to help them manage the project smoothly.

    • Commercial Brokerage

    Real Estate Sales

    Client was relocating to another state in a year and wished to sell their warehouse before then. As they didn’t want to make this public until right before the relocation, they needed to do the sale off-market. Redac helped them excecute this off-market sale in five months, right on schedule and at a higher price than expected. Redac also provided post sale relocation and space reduction support.

    • Commercial Brokerage

    Office Consolidation Within the Same Building

    Client had scattered offices across multiple floors of a building, a result of the need for more space each time their U.S. business had grown. Redac helped them combine all the lease contracts with different expiry dates under one lease and relocate to a different floor. Redac also provided support to implement the new collaborative workspace trend into their office and consolidate the 2 floors (above and below) into 1.5 floors so that it could flexibly support their future business expansion.

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